THIS FITS YOUR 2005 Volvo S40

Bicycle holder, towbar mounted, 3-4 bicycles. Excl. JP
This Fits Your 2005 Volvo S40

Part Number: 31428147

Including 13-pin wiring and heatshield

LED lighting works together with trailer module, which is an exception. An exclusive bicycle holder of a completely new construction and modern design which is also easy to handle and store. The bicycle holder can transport three bicycles. If the holder is supplemented with an adapter for an extra bicycle, four bicycles can be transported. The bicycle holder has exclusive LED rear lights for exceptional appearance and good visibility. Aluminum and other light materials have been used in this high quality holder. Thanks to the low height, it is easy to load the bicycles. The holder is easily mounted on the towing ball with an ergonomic single-handed connection. The bicycles are kept in place with unique, detachable lockable frame holders and adjustable pump bindings around the wheels, which make it easy to secure the wheels. The tension arms are rubber coated for maximum grip and protect the bicycle frame. The bicycle holder has a simple, foot-operated tilt function, which means that the luggage compartment is easy to access even with bikes installed. Thanks to the foot operation both hands are left free to support the bikes when the bike holder tilts. The holder can also be fitted with a removable ramp that facilitates loading and unloading. The holder has a double lock feature, which means that the bikes are locked to the holder and the holder is locked to the towbar. Wide wheel compartment with longer internal distances mean that that robust bicycles with large wheelbases can be transported. The bicycle holder is equipped with a lighting ramp with a full set of lamps and that are connected with a 13-pin electrical connector. To avoid heavy lifting there is a removable ramp that aids in rolling the bicycle up to the holder. A clip on the bicycle holder holds the ramp in position while driving. Technical Data

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Accessory weight: 21.7 kg (heat deflector plate = 1.2 kg)
  • Dimensions: Length: 1370 mm
  • Width: 650 mm
  • Lockable: Bicycle holder and bicycles
  • Load capacity: Three bicycles (+ one with adapter, extra bicycle)
  • Max. 60 kg (incl. adapter and extra bicycle)Max. weight per bicycle is 25 kg
  • Approval: EEC, TÜV, City Crash, XP R18-904-4
  • Electrical connector: 13-pin
  • Photo: VCC_26947
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Adapter weight: 2 kg (4.4 lbs)
  • Load capacity: Max weight 15 kg
  • The bicycle holder has exclusive LED rear lights for exceptional appearance and good visibility
  • Pump binding for the wheels makes attachment easy
  • Ergonomic single-handed connection that requires little force to close
  • Foot operated tilt function, for easy access to the luggage compartment, even with the bicycles loaded.
  • Detachable and movable frame holder
  • Suitable for most bicycles and wheel sizes
  • Suitable for bicycles with 22-80 mm diameter frames
  • Suitable for all Volvo towbars with a 50 mm (2 in) ball and is equipped with a tail light bar according to legal requirements
  • Suitable for bicycles with max 3" wheel width
  • Lockable, bicycle to bicycle holder and bicycle holder to tow hitch
  • Lock kit "One Key System" can be installed if the same key is required for the load carrier and bicycle holder, see
  • Detachable ramp (separate accessory)
  • Can take electric bicycles up to 25 kg.

Fits C30, C70, S40, V50

bicycle holder tow bar mounted, 3 bicycles.

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