THIS DOES NOT FIT YOUR Volvo V90 Cross Country

Rear view mirror. HomeLink®, Interior rear view mirror with autodim and compass.

Part Number: 31442556

The frameless rearview mirror has an elegant and modern design, which enhances and harmonises with the freshness of the interior. The mirror is equipped with the wireless HomeLink® system.
The HomeLink® system enables you to control multiple remote controlled home devices, for example, to open and close the garage door and to switch the house alarm system on and off. The HomeLink® buttons are discretely integrated into the rearview mirror, which also has automatic dimming and a compass.
The HomeLink® transmitter learns the codes for the different remote control devices through a simple learning process. The system is compatible with most products for access control currently available on the market. For more information and compatibility see:
The anti-glare rear view mirror automatically cuts off disturbing light from the cars behind. A very practical accessory when driving in the dark. The compass in the top right-hand corner of the mirror always shows in which direction the front of the car is pointing and facilitates navigation.


  • Safe and useful function to control remote controlled home devices.
  • Programmed in a few seconds.
  • Can be reprogrammed at any time.
  • Runs off the car's electrical system.
  • Frameless, ergonomic and integrated design.
  • Installed by replacing the existing rearview mirror.

    Technical Data:
  • Accessory weight:0.5 kg (1.1 lbs)
  • Mirror area:49 cm²

    Fits V90 Cross Country (2017 - 2019)

    CH -414999. CH -56999. CH -65999. CH -74999. CH -83999. FC 21; CH -121186, FC 36; CH -121450. Variant code: PC02 and (PN02 or PN03) and PO02.

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